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Whether you’re in the middle of a massive setback or proactively adding some new tools to your toolkit, 

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80% of individuals give up on their resolutions.


90% of employees say their team is lacking a high level of trust, collaboration and communication.


70% of organizational change initiatives fail.


The Bounce Back Blueprint™. 

Bounce Back On your own.

An engaging, provocative self-paced course, guided by videos and put into action through reflection and commitments. This isn't a set of life hacks, it's a 6-Step blueprint to use for the rest of your life.

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Bounce Back with Others.

An intimate, 6-week group coaching experience to accelerate your ability to bounce back from any setback in life. They say it takes a village - Resilience Rising is the one you've been waiting for.

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Bounce Back as an Organization.

A scalable experiential learning journey in partnership with Film Forward lets you harness the power of award-winning film, individual reflection and expert facilitation to build collective resilience. 

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