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You don't hire me for an hour, you hire me for the 30 years of experience I bring to the hour. From learning and development strategy to holistic employee experience, people-centered organizational change to culture and connection, I'll help you create the environment where people can realize their potential.


Through safe self-reflection  and an open-minded exploration of others' perspectives, you'll unlock a fresh vocabulary and a toolkit to elevate your communication, productivity, and fulfillment to the level you've always wanted. Everything DiSC, The Art of Active Listening, Presentation Skills and more...


Receive the feedback you need, not just what you want. Embark on a transformative coaching journey that offers support, empowerment, and constructive challenges, complete with 360-degree feedback. The world's most successful individuals have coaches; it's time to recognize your own worthiness of this investment.


Hi There,
I’m Jen.

Balancing a demanding career, a busy family, community involvement, health concerns, and the constant news cycle can be overwhelming – I get it.

Every day, we're faced with challenges and setbacks.

We've been taught that the sooner we get 'back on track', the better.

I have news. We're getting it all wrong.

I'm on a mission to transform the way we view resilience. No more quick fixes, we're here for lasting success.

Humbled to work with companies committed to their people.


Jen is able to distill complex concepts and into tangible, relevant learning opportunities. She teaches, challenges and supports people as they apply new insights to better themselves. Whether she is designing a program to be delivered at a Fortune 100 company or coaching a high-potential leader, her ability to connect with people is what sets her apart.

Harrison Monarth, NY, NY, CEO
& New York Times Best Selling Author


Thank you, Jen Fox for facilitating such an engaging and energizing DiSC workshop for the Operations leaders at Level. Your candor, leadership and humor helped to inspire meaningful reflection and empathy throughout our 2-day strategy offsite. I look forward to seeing the lasting impact of your work on this team.

Noelle Bahadur,
Head of Growth @ Level


Jen is the executive coach I never knew I needed in my life. She was able to provide me much (much!) needed perspective, and support during the most challenging transition in my professional career. I feel encouraged, invigorated and even more capable after each conversation with her. If you’re looking for someone who will ‘keep it real’ and give you personal, honest insights (not theocratical discussions) Jen is the coach for you and your team.

Raman Sangha, VP,
Regional Marketing Americas, Gain Capital

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