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Hi There,
I’m Jen.


& Wife.

Above all, I'm a proud mom to three incredible humans and a life partner of two decades.


But here's the fun part – I've always been one to color outside the lines. Case in point: Our wedding, after 20 years together. And yes, having a built-in wedding party was an added bonus.



In an era where advice flows freely from the sidelines, I choose to collaborate with individuals, teams, and organizations ready to step onto the court.


Whether you're eyeing a career shift, aiming to boost team productivity, or restoring trust within your organization, it demands courage, vulnerability, experimentation, learning, and a commitment to personal and collective growth.

My journey through management and leadership roles at Nordstrom.com, Starbucks (corporate), Getty Images, and Justworks inspired me to launch OrgSavvy. Here, I dig deeper into what clients recognize as my superpowers: authenticity, trust-building, and pushing individuals beyond their self-imposed limitations.


Content Creator.

My first paid freelance gig was $150 to share my opinions. My 'aha' moment was recognizing that I have a LOT of opinions. Join my never-ending learning journey...


Resilience Revealed

Embrace the fall, enable the rise. The truth about resilience explored - together every Monday and Friday.





I passionately share ideas, stories and inspiration about resilience, workplace culture, leadership, learning and development and my favorite, the challenges of being a working mom.





Though I didn't realize it at the time, I penned my first piece on building resilience long before I had kids of my own. It's since become my mission in life.

This work has found its way into numerous schools as part of social-emotional learning initiatives. Stay tuned because the sequel, 'It's OK for Boys to Cry,' is in the works.


Lifelong Learner.

Every coachee, mentee, employee and client has contributed to my professional and personal growth. If you believe we can learn from each other...

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