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Hi There,
I’m Jen.


& Wife.

Above all, I'm a proud mom to three incredible humans and a life partner of two decades.


But here's the fun part – I've always been one to color outside the lines. Case in point: Our wedding, after 20 years together. And yes, having a built-in wedding party was an added bonus.



In an era where advice flows freely from the sidelines, I choose to collaborate with individuals, teams, and organizations ready to step onto the court.


Whether you're eyeing a career shift, aiming to boost team productivity, or restoring trust within your organization, it demands courage, vulnerability, experimentation, learning, and a commitment to personal and collective growth.

My journey through management and leadership roles at Nordstrom.com, Starbucks (corporate), Getty Images, and Justworks inspired me to launch OrgSavvy. Here, I dig deeper into what clients recognize as my superpowers: authenticity, trust-building, and pushing individuals beyond their self-imposed limitations.


My Style.

I like to have fun. Inspiring others gets me out of bed in the morning. 

As a

Dynamic Speaker.

I leverage stories of victories and setbacks, both personal and shared, to engage audiences and help each participant connect with a previously undiscovered aspect of themselves."

As an

Engaging Facilitator.

I design dynamic learning experiences that clients describe as 'relevant, enjoyable, and actionable.' With expertise in facilitating programs like Everything DiSC, Executive Presence, and Situational Leadership®, I've led impactful training sessions and keynote speeches for groups of all sizes, from across the United States to international destinations like Canada, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

As a

Trusted Coach.

I guide high-potential individuals and those hungry for growth in using feedback to conquer career hurdles and realize their personal development aspirations. As a curator of excellence, I assist both individuals and teams in translating the finest concepts from today's thought leaders into tangible action."

I recharge by staying active and maintaining a focus on what matters. When i'm not carpooling or meeting with a client, you can find me on an early morning walk listening to a podcast or reading a personal growth book with a starbucks coffee in hand.



The world of self-publishing has enabled me to breathe life into a topic I hold close to my heart—validating emotions and guiding children (and parents!) through moments of unease and uncertainty.


This work has found its way into numerous schools as part of social-emotional learning initiatives, and stay tuned because the sequel, 'It's OK for Boys to Cry,' is in the works.

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