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Hello, SMART goals. I'm coming for ya.

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2024

Rather than define what we want to DO, what if we used SMART to define who we need to BE? What if our energy went into the people who are pursing the goals rather than the goals themselves?

I'm confident the results would follow.

Serve - I learned Servant Leadership from the best of the best,  Howard Behar. I'm forever scarred when I see a "reserved for leader" parking spot.

Motivate - Inspire others to act by tapping into their inner motivation (not yours). It's not a speech, it's a meaningful connection.

Advocate - Find out what they want and do everything you can to make it happen. Someone did it for you. Pay it forward.

Respect - Your words and actions speak volumes, even if, and especially when, you disagree.

Trust - Don't ignore it because you think it's table stakes. The absence of it will come back to bite you every single time.


After the hashtagkpi makeover by Roland Kahn that resonated around the globe, amplified by Hacking HR, it occurred to me that we could redefine a lot of the acronyms that drive business results. What's next?

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