Get Out Of Your Own Way.

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Achieve Your Goals

- Get clear on what you want

- Discover your limiting beliefs

- Plan for obstacles

- Create lasting habits

- Realize new results

Connect Your Team

- Assess team capability

- Identify obstacles to success

- Pinpoint key motivation and drivers

- Incorporate company culture

- Adopt new behaviors

Create Your Culture

- Assess current culture (reality check)

- Envision desired culture

- Identify low-hanging fruit

- Determine measures of success

- Create a holistic culture plan

About Me...

If you are looking for theory and models, I'm not the one for you. If you're in the market for insights that lead to breakthroughs in all areas of life, for yourself, your team or your organization, we should connect.


My approach has been honed by ...

  • Over 12 years of leadership experience at companies such as, Starbucks (corporate) and Getty Images...

  • A decade of entrepreneurship advising and supporting companies such as Twinings North America, Moda Operandi, Tommy John, GuruMaker Executive Development...

  • Facilitator of workshops and keynotes for conferences, team building events, team interventions, all company gatherings...

  • Trusted coach and 360 feedback to dozens of leaders across industries from CPG to fashion to healthcare...

  • Homeschool mom, community activist and volunteer, personal-learning junkie.


Your Coach...


"A great coach tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear."

Simply Savvy Report

savvy [ sav-ee ]: experienced, knowledgeable and well-informed.

Get weekly practical tips for becoming savvy in communication, leadership and life.

As your coach, I have the easy role. Your role as the coachee requires vulnerability, flexibility, and a willingness to get outside of your comfort zone. I will support you, confidentially, each step of the way, whether you are reaching for a promotion or trying to lose those last 5 pounds.


Together, we will look at patterns of behavior, identify the roadblocks that stop you (the same ones that have likely stopped you in the past) and create specific and engaging plans to remove them – for good.


"Just want to say a very sincere !!!!THANK YOU!!!! for the difference you have made in my life and offer up the fact you have made a lasting impression on me that will have transformed my direction in my life and career permanently. It is not often we meet someone capable of that and it is a very unique skillset, level of commitment to people and energy to make that possible!" (C. Cameron, IT Manager) 

"On behalf of my team I want to thank you for all your support over these past two years. I know there have been several folks who have taken advantage of (and have benefited from!!!) your very fine coaching."

(L. Kirkegard, VP, Finance)

" You have been my life coach and you have helped me tremendously personally and professionally on how to look at things in a different way."

(A. Delmundo, Finance Analyst)


Your Facilitator...

"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou


Confession: I am an accidental trainer. I once said, "I would love to teach, but not kids." As it happens, I was re-organized overnight and put in charge of my first training team and had to figure it out. I fell in love.


 "Jennifer Fox was awesome. She was our best speaker of the day out of a group of very good speakers."
 - attendee, TSCPA Conference

"I loved this workshop! Speaker was fantastic, entertaining, and shared valuable information! Thank you!"

My commitment as a trainer is to create and deliver programs that result in at least one "Aha!" moment for each attendee. Whether the learner comes to the program engaged or dragged there as a "mandatory" activity, my goal is the same. My style is informal and personable, weaving stories and past client examples seamlessly into the content. I loathe role-playing and favor real-world discussions and practical activities. Insights are great, but actions make a difference, so every session ends with a declaration of a new habit or set of actions to be taken. And I always follow-up with the participants permission. I'm less interested in the training high that people experience during an off-site than I am in supporting lasting change.

Training Topics: I am available to design and deliver customized programs focusing in the following areas: management, leadership, communication, presentation skills, team-building, goal-setting and more. 






Your Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator & Authorized Partner...


I support individuals, teams and organizations as they increase self-awareness and take effective communication to a new level.

  • Everything DiSC Authorized Partner and Certified Facilitator 

  • Local DiSC workshop facilitation in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut; other locations available

  • Workshops, Team-Building, Leadership Off-Sites, Company Meetings, Team Meetings, more...

  • Everything DiSC Workplace, Sales, Management, Productive Conflict, Work of Leaders...

  • Culture Reports and consultation included in every DiSC Engagement

  • 363 Feedback and coaching

  • Everything DiSC Assessments and Profiles for your internal L&D team to deliver

  • New York City Everything DiSC clients include CitiGroup, Moda Operandi, Tommy John, Twinings North America






Your Productivity Ninja​



Certified Productivity Ninja with Think Productive North America. If you are ready to achieve new levels of productivity, our courses deliver maximum results in minimal time. Inbox Zero, Stress Less/Achieve More, The Ways of the Productivity Ninja, Making Meetings Magic and Email Etiquette are available. 

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Your Human Resources Consultant...

While I use the term "consulting" because it is universally understood, I prefer to think of myself as an advisor. I've had experiences with consultants whereby they show up with a 65-slide deck listing all of our faults, recommend solutions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and leave after their contract is up with no lasting change. My approach is the opposite.

Learning & Development, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Change Management, Talent Review, Internal Communications, Culture & Engagement, High-Potential Leaders, 360 Feedback

We will work together to create holistic solutions to your people and organizational challenges. First, you will help me understand your business goals and the cultural nuances that  make your organization tick. Next, we'll identify the current state of your people in terms of both performance and potential and I will recommend solutions both immediate and long term, across all areas that are relevant: org structure, performance management, compensation, employee engagement, learning & development. Finally, we'll create a prioritized plan that is manageable, empowering and sustainable.


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