Powerfully Connect Your People.

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We support organizations, teams and individuals to increase wellness, performance and productivity  through powerful HR Consulting, Management & Leadership Training and Coaching Services.

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Achieve Your Goals

Get clear on what you want
Discover your limiting beliefs
Plan for obstacles
Create lasting habits
Realize new results

Achieve Your Goals
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Connect Your Team

Assess team capability‚Äč
Identify obstacles to success
Pinpoint key motivation and drivers
Incorporate company culture
Adopt new behaviors

Connect Your Team
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Create Your Culture

Assess current culture (reality check)
Envision desired culture
Identify low-hanging fruit
Determine measures of success
Create a holistic culture plan

Create Your Culture

If you are looking for theory and models, we're not the one for you.

If you're in the market for insights that lead to breakthroughs in all areas of life, for yourself, your team or your organization, we should connect.

Our approach has been honed by ...

  • Over 12 years of leadership experience at companies such as Nordstrom.com, Starbucks (corporate) and Getty Images...

  • A decade of entrepreneurship advising and supporting companies such as Twinings North America, Moda Operandi, Tommy John, GuruMaker Executive Development, Citigroup and Justworks..

  • Facilitator of workshops and keynotes for conferences, team building events, team interventions, all company gatherings...

  • Trusted coach and 360 feedback to dozens of leaders across industries from CPG to fashion to healthcare...

  • Community activist, volunteer, personal-learning & growth junkie 

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Your Human Resources Consultant...

Your organization is powered by your people - we help your people be their best.  

Who are we not for?  If you want consultants who show up with a 65-slide deck listing all of your faults, recommend solutions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and leave after their contract is up with no lasting change, we're not the consultants for you.  Our approach is the opposite.

We offer solutions in:

  • Learning & Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Talent Review
  • Internal Communications
  • Culture Development & Engagement
  • High-Potential Leaders and Leadership Training & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Development
  • 360 Feedback
  • Executive Coaching
  • Employee Resource Group (employee peer social group) Development
  • Remote Workshops, Training & Facilitation, and Event Keynote & Speaking services


Let's Connect

Dan Martin, CEO, Twinings North America

"You have a gift in your ability to read between the lines.  You understand not only what people say but also have a keen instinct of interpreting the subtle and hidden meaning behind the words that have been said – and equally importantly, the words that have been left unsaid. You have the courage to be completely candid so that your message is completely clear, even if it makes a situation awkward or causes some to feel uncomfortable.  Thanks to this candor, you help people grasp the reality of situations instead of living in their own “bubbles.” You have genuine compassion -- you earnestly want to help people be their best selves.  This means that even when “the truth hurts,” your empathy has built trust such that no matter what the situation is, people know that you have their best interests at heart."

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Client Testimonials...

"Jen is able to distill complex concepts and into tangible, relevant learning opportunities. She teaches, challenges and supports people as they apply new insights to better themselves. Whether she is designing a program to be delivered at a Fortune 100 company or coaching a high-potential leader, her ability to connect with people is what sets her apart." - Harrison Monarth, NY, NY, CEO & New York Times Best Selling Author


"Jen is the executive coach I never knew I needed in my life. She was able to provide me much (much!) needed perspective, and support during the most challenging transition in my professional career. I feel encouraged, invigorated and even more capable after each conversation with her. If you’re looking for someone who will ‘keep it real’ and give you personal, honest insights (not theocratical discussions) Jen is the coach for you and your team." - Raman Sangha, VP, Regional Marketing Americas, Gain Capital 


"Jen is unabashedly authentic, trustworthy and simply gets stuff done." - Colleen Gangl, VP, People, Dotdash


"The DiSC session Jen ran for us was very impactful.  Our employees were highly interested  in learning about their styles and how they relate to their colleagues.  We all are more  mindful of how to best communicate with each other and why certain people act and react the way they do. Everyone was very inspired by her enthusiasm. Disc will be utilized over and over.” - Leah Neufeld, VP, People, Prevail Therapeutics


"Jen is unshockable and creator of safe spaces – so I, and her other clients,  feel comfortable saying ANYTHING and being vulnerable. She is vulnerable with us, too, which helps the situation.  Jen walks the talk, with a wealth of real-life and career wisdom to tap into and share. Advice and guidance is delivered with a personal story  or anecdote to help bring the idea to life and to inspire action. She is the best person I know to give me feedback." - Jessica Goodman, Senior Brand Manager, Twinings North America

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Your Everything DiSC Certified Facilitator & Authorized Partner...

We support people coming together as teams and organizations as they increase self-awareness and take effective team communication and performance to a new level using the top personal inventory assessment, Everything DiSC.

• Everything DiSC Authorized Partner and Certified Facilitator
• Remote DiSC workshop facilitation in Everything DiSC Workplace, Sales, Management, Productive Conflict, Work of Leaders...
• Culture Reports and consultation included in every DiSC Engagement
• 363 Feedback and coaching
• Everything DiSC Assessments and Profiles for your internal L&D team to deliver

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Your Individual, Group & Leadership Coach

We provide individuals and teams with powerful insights and real world coaching. 

Whether you're an individual looking to clarify your next breakthrough, or a leader looking to dramatically increase your performance, management, and influence skills, we have a proven track record of driving breakthrough results for our clients. 

We offer:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Development & Group Coaching
  • Change Management
  • 360 Performance Reviews and Feedback
  • Personal inventory assessments, insights, action plans, and coaching
  • High-Potential Leaders and Leadership Training & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Development


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Thrilled to be a leadership coach for two years in a row at the Multicultural Women's National Conference hosted by Working Mother Media. Be sure to follow their extraordinary content focused on working women.