Collaboration is rewarding. Figuring out how to work best with others can be hard.

Introducing: Everything DiSC

Where no style is better than any other, but understanding your own style and that of others will unlock EVERYTHING.

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It starts with self-awareness.

You know that feedback you've heard a million times? That quirky approach you can't seem to overcome? Those super powers you wish you could harness more powerfully? 

Understanding ourselves is the first step to working better with others.

Let's connect.

Imagine shifting your team dynamic...

Instead of rolling your eyes when that person pushes forward too fast or feeling annoyed when that detail-oriented person tries to slow everything down - again...

Imagine if your team could:

  • Leverage confident risk-taking.
  • Inspire others by a clear vision.
  • Ensure everyone is on board.
  • Create space for data and details.
Let's connect.

Everything DiSC for Everyone

Using the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment, participants go on a journey of self-discovery, empathy and appreciation as they discover how to leverage their preferences and create space for the preferences of others.

Building on the Workplace assessment, people managers gain additional insight into their approach to Directing & Delegating, Motivation and Developing Others. The most practical tool you'll ever add to your manager toolkit.

Imagine your sales professionals not only understanding themselves, but knowing how to spot client behaviors in order to adapt their approach to meet them where they are. The best secret sauce for today's busy professionals.

Whether you have a team of 6 or a company of 600, Everything DiSC workshops can be customized to meet your needs. From two-hours to half-day, on-site, fully virtual or hybrid, we'll work together to create a dynamic, educational and seriously fun event.


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