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Jen Fox


In a time when it's far too easy to advise or admonish others from the sidelines, I only work with individuals, teams and organizations who are willing to get on the court. Seeking a career change, increasing team productivity or restoring organizational trust can only happen through courage, vulnerability, trial, learning and an individual and collective growth mindset.

Having previously held management and leadership roles at, Starbucks (corporate) and Getty Images, I founded OrgSavvy to go deeper in the areas my clients say are my superpowers: authenticity, trust-building and pushing people beyond their preconceived barriers.

As a STRATEGIC CONSULTANT, I uncover the needs beneath the organizations' people-related issues and recommend and implement solutions that build people-first cultures across any industry.

As a TRUSTED COACH, I help high-potential employees and leaders apply feedback to overcome obstacles in their careers and achieve personal development goals. I am a curator of excellence and help individuals and teams take the best ideas from today’s influencers and put them into action.

As a SOUGHT-AFTER FACILITATOR, I create dynamic learning opportunities that clients refer to as “relevant, fun and practical.” I am an expert facilitator of programs such as Everything DiSC, Executive Presence, Situational Leadership®, The Way of the Productivity Ninja, Presentation Excellence and more, and have successfully led training sessions and keynote speeches for groups of hundreds at all levels of an organization throughout the United States, and globally in Canada, London, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

When I'm not focusing on my family or running my business, you can find me on my hot yoga mat or reading a personal growth book with a Starbucks coffee in hand.

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